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18 divot tools & 21 hat clips w/ various coloured ball markers + stand & signage

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This point of sale consists of 18 'Dismantler' divot tools which is interchangeable with all our 'Rebellious' golf ball markers. We currently have 10 different coloured ball markers, which means your customer have an impressive range to choose from. RRP for the divot tools are $14.95.

Secondly, the hat clips (21) 'match' with the divot tool; with the same 'Rebellious' golf ball markers. This means your customer can selected their preferred golf accessory. RRP for the hat clips is $8.95.

This point of sale offers the most choice for your golfing customers. Again, we have aimed for very little packaging, as we know they will use our products right away.

 Wholesale price - $228.50

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