Golf Towel Combo in GREEN

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Golf Towel Pack

This pack features the best of our greens. In this combo pack is;
- our NEW golf towel with green logo
- 'Electric' green golf ball marker on a hat clip
- 20 golf tees

Golf Towel

We have opted for a white golf towel which features our cool F.R.A.N.K. logo on the bottom and this time around we have added some colour with our brand name and also the addition of a matching coloured aluminum carabiner with a bold lock. This gives the golf towel an awesome individual feature while also completing the colour selection look.
Cotton border on all sides
Gunmetal eyelet with aluminum carabiner clasp
Towel folds into thirds

100% Cotton 340gsm terry towel

14cm (W) x 65cm (H) when folded into thirds

Hat Clip

Slide the hat clip onto the peak of your hat to have the ball marker completely assessable. The golf ball marker measures 1" - 2.5cm in diameter.

1 Silver Hat Clip & 1 'Electric' green Golf Ball Marker.

Golf Tees

- 100% solid hardwood
- Length 54mm (2 1/8")
- Cap diameter 1.1cm

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