About Us

Rival Golfer started when my sons' (6 & 3) and I couldn't find any golf accessories which were bright, fun and inspiring that we could both enjoy.

Playing golf with my sons' is our quality time. I want to have fun with them, talk with and teach them many fundamentals to life such as patience, focus and to keep trying. Our golf games are light-hearted and fun but still have that small competition factor. I couldn't find any golf products to reflect how we feel about our golf games. It was then Rival Golfer started to form. My eldest boy and I have worked together to create a colourful, inspiring golf brand for juniors and adults, alike.

So here it is, Australia’s edgiest golf brand – Rival Golfer.

We as a business want to offer you professionalism but us as keen golfers want to offer you confidence.

Our logo aims to inspire confidence within yourself. Whether it’s the moment you wear our shirt, or the moment you use our golf ball marker. We want you to see F.R.A.N.K, see his focus and determination but remember he is still smiling. We want you to take that to the golf course and we want to inadvertently support your round.

We have tried to create a look that is pushing the boundaries of golfing fashion but still within the traditional guild-lines of dress for the game.

We bring you Rival Golfer…..


In the beginning

Well, this is the beginning…. We have just launched, {May 2015} and we have big plans, big ideas and awesome designs coming in. The best place to immediately see any new stock would be via our social media pages or you can join our mailing list. We send newsletters sporadically.

We would love to hear your feedback, suggestions or comments. Either comment via social media or send us an email.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you.



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